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Samsung Ductless Mini Splits

You probably already know about Samsung’s history of innovation and reliability. But did you also know this includes innovative heating and cooling solutions for your whole house? Whether it’s one room or many, new construction or a new addition, AC Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a Samsung HVAC professional, can help you find an efficient solution that’s perfect for you.

Comfort without compromise.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important benefits homeowners are looking for in a heating and cooling system because greater efficiency means lower utility bills. When researching a new system, the first detail to look for is the SEER rating.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it’s a way of rating the maximum efficiency of an air conditioning unit. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient it is, but the type of system can also make a difference.


S easonal
E nergy
E fficiency
R atio

13 - 15 SEER
16 - 19 SEER
20 - 30 + SEER

Most central air systems operate at one speed. It turns on to get to the temperature you set on the thermostat and turns off once it’s met. When the system is off, the temperature in your home will naturally rise or fall, and the system will continue to cycle on and off to maintain the set temperature.

A variable speed system operates at different speeds depending on the need for heating or cooling. This modulation allows the system to run at a higher speed when necessary to meet the set temperature quickly and then automatically slows down to maintain it. Because it’s not continually turning on and off, it uses less energy. So while an 18 SEER central air conditioner has the same rating as an 18 SEER variable speed air conditioner, it’s actually less efficient over time.

No ducts, no problem.

Ducted heating and cooling systems lose energy because ducts tend to leak, causing a loss of airflow that makes the system work longer and harder, reducing efficiency and increasing energy costs. Ductless systems typically consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit, and they’re a simple way to heat and cool your home without the ductwork of a traditional central air system.

For people with single rooms or additions that have different heating and cooling needs than the rest of the house, a ductless mini split system can be a perfect solution. They are often more efficient and less invasive than a ducted system and offer greater control over the temperature of these types of spaces.

Expanding your comfort zone.

“Zoning” is a method of dividing a home into independently controlled temperature zones for enhanced comfort and efficiency. Unlike a central system that may only have a single thermostat controlling the whole house, zoned systems give you greater control over different areas or zones. A multi-zone system uses multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit to allow you to either heat or cool areas where you spend the most time differently than those you don’t use as much. This saves energy and helps reduce energy costs, regardless of the time of year.

Conserving energy through connection.

Today’s smart home appliances are making it easier than ever to save energy. Programmable thermostats let you schedule settings to use less energy when you’re away from home for longer periods, and smart thermostats let you adjust settings from anywhere on your mobile device with an internet connection. The Samsung SmartThings App goes even further by letting you connect, automate and manage all of your Samsung and SmartThings-compatible appliances and electronics with a single, easy-to-use app.

Conserving energy through connection.” “Available for download on the Google™ Play store and App Store®. A network connection is required. Samsung application account is necessary.


Your comfort is covered.

With Samsung, you get comfort for today and peace of mind for tomorrow. We back all of our products with a robust warranty so homeowners can rest assured they’re getting comfort and quality for years to come.