Mini Split Multi Zone System

Free Joint Multi

Available Capacities (Btu/h)
18K / 24K / 36K
Multiple choice

This multi-zone residential and light commercial system offers three different indoor units to choose from and multiple control options. With minimal installation space, it’s a flexible option for homes or offices with many rooms.

The Free Joint Multi (FJM) unit supports 2 to 5 indoor units for multi-zone control with one outdoor unit.

Customize temperature in each room of your home

This powerful unit supports two to five indoor units for multi-zone control with one outdoor unit. It’s also available in Max Heat®. That way you can keep each room the perfect temperature.

Samsung’s uniquely quiet and energy-efficient Multi Split systems provide perfectly optimised air care for smaller applications. Their lightweight, space-saving designs and one-button auto-addressing enable easy and low-cost installation
Samsung Free Joint Multi Features

The Free Joint Multi (FJM) system allows you to set the temperature of individual rooms/zones to avoid conditioning rooms that are not being used to reduce power consumption.

Through the SmartThings app, you can operate your unit from almost anywhere, at any time.

This versatile system provides additional flexibility when installing a system that requires more than one zone of comfort, without adding parts, installation, and added costs of several outdoor units.

The Digital Inverter compressor’s variable speed control allows the compressor to operate at precisely the speed needed to maintain the set temperature without turning the system off and on to increase efficiency.

One button auto addressing for simple system setup when completing installation

Each model uses a twin BLDC compressor for high performance, and low noise and vibration.