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HVAC Pre-Service Checklist

What to Check Before You Call

Scheduling a routine HVAC service call or a check up on a potential issue is a great way to keep your system running exactly as it should for years to come – but there are a few easy steps to make sure you get the most out of the visit. Before calling, take a moment to make sure you’re prepared.

Here are a few things to do in preparation for your service appointment. These simple steps will help us complete the call and more quickly discover anything that should be addressed.

  • Review the troubleshooting guide and be prepared to explain the issues that you’re experiencing.
  • Check your air filter. A dirty air filter is a common cause of problems.
  • Write down the model numbers of all your HVAC products.
  • Know how long ago your problem began.
  • Make sure the system is accessible – remove anything blocking your system.
  • If it’s the first time that we are visiting, make sure you know where every HVAC unit is located.
  • Inform your contractor of any smart home connected devices.
  • Gather any notes you have on previous service visits/repairs completed.
  • Keep pets in a separate room so they don’t get overly excited.
  • Arrange for an adult (18 or over) to be home to legally allow entry.
  • Provide a phone number to receive a call from the technicians confirming the service visit.
  • If you rent your home, get your landlord’s permission to have your system serviced.
  • If you discover your heat pump or air conditioner is frozen, shut it off and allow it to thaw before the technician arrives.

Get the Most From Your HVAC Service Visit

Following these simple pre-service steps wiil help us start their work sooner and get the job done faster.

Pre-Service Checklist Quick Guide

  • Clearly describe the problem or service required.
  • Have notes on past service visits.
  • Make your home comfort system easily accessible.
  • Write down questions before the visit.
  • Ask what the next steps are if any issues are identified.

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